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Internet Security: Does Your Open Door Policy Extend to Hackers and Slackers?

The Internet has revolutionized the business world. E-mail has become the ubiquitous backbone of business communications. The Internet is your corporate doorway to the world.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of malicious people out there who see the Internet as their doorway into your business. Nowadays, it's rarely your data they're after. They want to use your internal systems to relay spam mail or as zombies to launch a denial of service attack against a third party.

On the other hand, not all of the malicious and aggravating people are "out there". Some of them are your co-workers: the slackers. They've discovered that the on-line world is the greatest on-the-job time waster since the invention of the water cooler. Some of their extra-curricular interests and activities can get the company in a heap of legal trouble if not controlled.

There's also spam, the great waster of internet bandwidth. It's estimated that over 90 per cent of the e-mail on the Internet is spam. It's annoying, it wastes time, and it's often really embarrassing!

You can — and must — do something about these problems.

 The first requirement is a firewall. Every business that has a broadband internet connection must have a firewall! Firewalls are now considered standard business practice. If your corporation is bound under any sort of confidentiality agreements (HIPAA, attorney privilege, etc), you open your corporation up to legal action if your confidential data is breached. Opus 1 Systems sells SonicWall firewalls exclusively. Click here or on the SonicWall logo to the left for more information.

For spam, we offer both SonicWall and MxLogic/McAfee as solutions. For small businesses, MXLogic is the preferred solution, with SonicWall as the number of seats increases. Click here or on the MxLogic logo on the left for our solutions.


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