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Managed Services: Minding the Store

Opus 1 Systems suite of managed services is designed to assist clients in maintaining and supporting their network and IT infrastructure. Its System Monitoring package was developed in conjunction with N-Able Technologies to remotely support client IT infrastructures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This suite of services will help you:

  1.        Demonstrate regulatory compliance

  2.        Monitor network availability and traffic

  3.        Provide a single view of your technology environment

  4.        Support remote infrastructure 24x7

  5.        Enhance your staff productivity

  6.        Reduce the risk of data loss, virus attacks, and security breaches

The System Monitoring suite of managed services is offered in three tiers to give you the flexibility to choose which set of deliverables best meets your specific requirements. Clients can choose to bundle their monitoring services with a support contract from Opus 1 Systems, or the reports and alerts can be sent to a support organization of their choice.

We can monitor a wide range of operating systems, including Novell Netware and most dialects of Unix/Linux, and are experts in configuring SNMP under Unix systems for monitoring.  

Contact us for a full list of supported systems and devices at (301) 589-4881 x100 or monitoring@opus1systems.com