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Systems Integration: Settling Your Differences

Server Systems today are generally so reliable that customers are tempted to believe that these systems, once configured, run all by themselves. This is, unfortunately, not the case. They run fine until one day, they don't. Then begins the great race to discover just what exactly is wrong with a system that no one knows anything about. The hours click by with your business losing money all the while. When it's finally fixed, the consultant gives you the bill that shows you just how much he enjoys last minute emergency calls.

Underneath every well-behaved application lies a functional and well-administered Operating System. A well-tuned OS repays many times over the time and money invested. It's also the last line of defense for your internal business data. Since most security violations come from inside the organization, a well-secured OS is your primary means of defense against employee error or maliciousness.

Opus 1 Systems staff has a wealth of experience with many platforms and environments. The president of the company alone has worked with twenty-three operatings systems in his thirty years in IT. When our staff recommends a solution to you, you can rest assured that our recommendation is based on our knowledge of the computer market and your business needs, not a misplaced religious fervor for our favorite platform.

We also resell and support a hand-picked list of products that we think every business should have. These products are described under the various Operating Systems.

If you would like more information, please contact us at integration@opus1systems.com or contact us at 301-589-4881 x125.


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