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Advanced Vault: Next Generation Disk to Disk Backup for SMB

Now longer are non-enterprise customers stuck with sinking thousands of dollars into tape drives and software for backups. The drop in the price of hard drives has put disk to disk backups within the reach of every business.

Opus 1 Systems chose Advanced Vault appliances for the needs of our small and midsize business customers because they brought fault tolerance, bare metal recovery, central administration, and remote replication capabilities to the table at a competitive price. Advanced Vault not only supports full bare metal restoration of Microsoft servers and desktops, it also supports Linux backup and restores.

Opus 1 Systems can also provide our customers offsite backup as a service for a fee using Advanced Vault. Backup services can be included, along with 24x7 system monitoring and support services in a managed services contract.

If you’d like to discuss Advanced Vaults offerings with us, or if you are considering including remote backup services in a service contract, please contact us at 301-589-4881 x125 or avsales@opus1systems.com If you'd like to be connected to Advanced vault's web site, please click on the link at the left.