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Systems Integration: HP Desktops, Servers, Peripherals, & Network Switches

Opus 1 Systems offers a full range of HP products to our customers, including warranty service contracts. We can often find deals through the reseller channel that are every bit as good as those offered on-line by HP. We also stand behind what we sell -- if it isn't right, we'll make it right. It just makes sense for a business to have someone who knows the product lines draw up the requirements, rather than order it on-line and hope that you've gotten everything right.

All our products are ordered straight from the distributor and delivered to your business. Most products arrive in two business days. We accept payment via cash, check, or credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of our agreement with HP, we do not resell ANY of HP's consumer PC or peripheral products. We can only sell business to business, which is a completely different set of products. For your consumer needs, please visit your local electronic supply retailer or HP's web site.

We also DO NOT repair HP computers or printers. If you are looking for an authorized HP repair partner please click here.

If you’d have any questions on HP business products, please call us at 301-589-4881 x125 or hpsales@opus1systems.com If you'd like to be connected to HP's web site, please click on the link at the left