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Systems Integration: Centeris Likewise --- The Joys of Single Sign On

Are your employees driven to distraction trying to remember the different passwords for their login accounts on your Unix®, Mac, and Windows® systems? They then solve this problem by writing their account names and passwords on a Post-It™ on their cubicle wall, so that any and all visitors to your office walk out with an account name and password in their head.

Has your technical staff tried to integrate your Unix systems with MS Active Directory™ by using LDAP? How many hours over the estimate was that project?

There is an easier way.

Likewise Enterprise is an enterprise software solution that allows seamless integration of Linux, UNIX and Mac systems with Microsoft® Active Directory. Organizations of all sizes running mixed networks and mixed identity management systems (such as Network Information System) can use Likewise Enterprise to allow UNIX, Linux and other systems/applications to use Microsoft Active Directory for their authentication needs.

If your business has both Unix or Mac systems and an MS Active Directory network, you should look into how much easier Likewise can make management of your accounts and passwords. We'll be happy to arrange a no-risk, no-charge, try-before-you-buy installation on your network **.

Give us a call now and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and arrange a demo. We can be reached at 301-589-4881 x125 or e-mail us at  likewise@opus1systems.com.

** No risk, no charge install offer applies only within a 25 mile radius of Washington, DC. Travel and lodging charges are not covered. So, no, we're not flying to LA and staying in a hotel on our dime for this offer. Nice try, though...