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Systems Integration: SCO

SCO UnixWare and OpenServer

While now mostly used inlegacy systems, SCO was for many years the leading provider of Unix on the Intel platform. From Xenix to OpenServer to UnixWare, SCO has powered many offices, from small Mom-and-Pop shops running terminals to large businesses like McDonalds. While never much appreciated by the hard-core Unix bit-nerds of the world , SCO has always been much beloved by the business owners who ran it due to its rock-solid reliability and low maintenance costs. The stories are legion of SCO servers running for years without a reboot. We’ve moved many clients from SCO to Microsoft because their application providers forced the move. We’ve never had one that did it by choice.

Opus 1 Systems, Inc has been a reseller of UnixWare since it was first introduced by Novell in 1992. We’ve been SCO resellers since 1995. We’ve set up servers to perform all kinds of tasks, and we can help you get a few more years of mileage out of your present SCO server or help port you into the latest & greatest under Linux or Windows.

We also resell a hand-picked list of products that every SCO shop needs:

Lone-Tar for System Backup and Restore.

X-Win32 a PC based X-Server that allows your PC to communicate with your Unix servers using the X-Window Graphical User Interface.

APC UPS to keep your IBM servers running on clean power. A must have for every business!

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