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Systems Integration: Sun

Solaris is Sun’s enterprise-level 64-bit Unix for business-critical application environments. Solaris runs on Sun's Sparc and X64 server, and scales from 1U servers to high end enterprise servers. Long the favorite of the enterprise, the backbone of the internet is made of Sun. Solaris has the largest set of applications of any variant of Unix.

Opus 1 Systems, Inc. certified technical staff can assist you in the installation, configuration, and administration of your Sun systems. We can set up your Sun server as a database, web, file, virtual, or application server, and integrate it into a Microsoft or Unix/Linux environment. We can secure your server from unwanted intruders, and keep it up to date on system upgrades and patches.

We also resell a hand-picked list of products that every Sun shop needs:

Storix for System Backup and Restore.

X-Win32 an PC based X-Server that allows your PC to communicate with your Unix servers using the X-Window Graphical User Interface.

Centeris LikeWise which integrates your Sun systems into your Active Directory network, permitting single sign in on all your systems.

APC UPS to keep your Sun servers running on clean power. A must have for every business!

If you’d like to discuss with us any Sun requirements you might have, we can be reached at 301-589-4881 x125 or sunsales@opus1systems.com If you'd like to be connected to Sun's Web site, please click on the link at the left.

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