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Industrial Strength System Backup for AIX/Linux/Solaris

Storix provides a range of backup options for AIX, Solaris, and Linux systems (including Linux on the pSeries). It supports disk to tape, disk to disk (D2D), and disk to disk to tape (D2D2T).

No backup plan is complete without the ability to restore the entire system. The few providers of bare-metal restore (BMR) solutions, often called crash-recovery or system disaster recovery solutions, usually perform only a disk image backup of the system. This not only requires the backup be restored to an identical disk of the same type, size and location, but also restores any filesystem corruption and file fragmentation that previously existed.

SBAdmin provides Adaptable System Recovery (ASR) which has the ability to rebuild your AIX, Solaris, or Linux systems from bare-metal, giving you the flexibility to alter the configuration as needed to fit onto virtually any hardware configuration. SBAdmin never makes the assumption that the hardware you will need to restore to will be the same. In fact, there will be times when you are unaware of the type of hardware that will be available at the time you need to perform a recovery. SBAdmin has the ability to adapt to the given hardware by using ASR.

Opus 1 Systems, Inc. technical staff can assist you in the installation, configuration, and administration of Storix products on your AIX, Linux, or Solaris systems.

If you'd like further information about Storix products, or would like a quote, we can be reached at 301-589-4881 x125 or storixsales@opus1systems.com.

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